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Bombay To Goa

The morning couldn’t have been any better when the Mandovi Express left the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The fresh air coming through the window also brought the hints of debris spread near the station. The Indian railway stations are well known for their unsanitary surroundings. And the interiors of the trains are equally bad …

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Good Poetry

Poe says, ‘Tragedy is what makes good poetry.’ The intensive pain, the sound of grief pouring from your eyes. The sight of rivulets flooding the dimple on your chin, or the smile you wore when you we’re pretending to be strong. It is in the family that tells stories of …

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The Anvil of the East

  In the cold hard stare of those shanty towns, you hear the busy bikes bustling around, you hear the hearty children humming to the sounds, you see the posh prado that does not belong, you see the glock pointed “sir go along”. You might even hear screams, hair pulling, …

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“A man is like a piece of gold, a women is like a piece of silk. If you drop the gold in mud, you can clean it. But a piece of silk is ruined.” – Elaine Storkey Even after seven decades of freedom, the condition of our women remains among …

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8:09 pm, Dallas. The nervy stare of passengers as I move through Fort Worth has become an endearing constant and a staple of travel. I don’t really blame them, I’m young, I travel light, alone and I’m brown. Imagine if I actually had a beard or worse, a long beard. …

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